Fix & Flip

Designed for Real Estate Investors who want to purchase or refinance a property they intend to improve and sell for a profit. Details of the Fix and Flip loan program are provided below including Guidelines, Rates, Fees, Documentation, and Workflow.


Loan Criteria

Borrower– Shall be a business entity. Members/owners will Guaranty loan.

Collateral – Non-owner-occupied single family, multifamily and vacant land.

Term – 6 months with extended terms available

Loan Amount – 50k to 2 million

As-Is Loan to Value – We will fund up to 100% of purchase price. Not to exceed 80% As-Is value

After Repair Value – We will fund up to 100% of renovation cost. Not to exceed 70% After Repair Value

Credit Score – Minimum 660

Pre-Payment Penalty – N/A


Rates and Fees

Rates – 7.99% to 12% interest only. Example: $100,000 loan @12% = $1000 monthly payment

Lender Fee – Starting at 1.5% with a $2,500 minimum fee

Wire Fee – $30

Inspection Fee (If applicable) – $249 for initial and consecutive draws

Extension Fee (If applicable) – 1% with a $1,000 minimum



Below is the documentation needed to complete the loan process.

  • Loan Application– One Authorized Manager/Member/Director of the business will be required to fill out the Loan Application through our website. In addition, each Manager/Member/Director will be required to fill out the Guarantor Application. After submitting application, email all documents listed below to
  • Credit Report– Provide an Experian credit report for all Members/Owners of the business. The credit report must list credit score, tradelines with balance and be less than 90 days old from application date. You can order your personal credit report at
  • Identification– Provide a driver’s license and social security verification for all Members/Owners and Guarantors.
  • Assets – Most recent business bank statement. This must be the actual bank statement and not a screen shot of the account. The account must show enough funds to close or additional account statements will be required.
  • Entity Documents – EIN, Articles of Organization/ or Incorporation and Operating Agreement/or Bylaws).
  • Purchase Contract – (Purchase Only) Signed contract by all parties including any amendments or addendums.
  • Construction Budget – Provide a detailed scope of work and budget for each line item. Draws will be paid after individual line items are complete.
  • Title – We will order title from the title company chosen.
  • Insurance – You will order a builders risk/renovation policy with general liability coverage and invoice/paid receipt from your insurance company. The policy should cover the loan amount at minimum and have the Lender listed as shown on the commitment letter.



  • Submit Documents – Once we receive loan application and initial documents, you will be contacted by our company to discuss your loan and answer any questions about the process. We will schedule the initial inspection of the property at this time.
  • Loan Commitment – Once initial inspection is complete, we will issue a Loan Commitment Letter with approval information along with any outstanding conditions.
  • Finalize Loan – After final conditions are received, your loan will be clear to close and ready to schedule closing.
  • Fund Loan – Your loan will fund on the same day closing documents are signed provided all Members and Guarantors have signed before wire cutoff. Note: If you are a Member/Owner of the business and married, your spouse will be required to sign the Continuing Guaranty at closing.


Final loan terms may vary based on loan types, verification of application information, and other risk-based factors.


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