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Welcome to ePrivate Lending. We are a private lender who provides financing to Real Estate Investors for single and multi-family investment property. What makes us different is we are direct with no middlemen involved. This gives our investors the highest level of service, lowest rates and costs available in private lending.

Charles Weatherman, the founder of ePrivate Lending, has been in the real estate business since 2002. He managed an Inc 500 mortgage company before establishing his own company, A1 Mortgage in 2007. He built this company from the ground up in one of the most turbulent times in real estate history. Charles attributes the success of the company to his exceptional employees. He quotes,” To build a successful company, you must hire quality people, treat them well and pay them well. In return, they will treat the company as if it were their own.” In 2017, Charles made the decision to sell his business to a gentleman that valued the business and employees the way he did. Charles quotes, “It has been a great journey and I made a lot of close friends with my employees and business partners along the way. I plan on keeping that relationship with all of them. I just felt it was time for me to pursue other dreams.”

In late 2017, Charles started ePrivate Lending because he wanted to create a different type of lending company, one that helps Real Estate Investors obtain fast and easy financing for their Investment properties. “There is a real shortage for this type of lending that is reliable,” says Charles. Most lenders and banks cannot process these types of loans because of their complex underwriting guidelines and long process, usually lasting weeks or even months. When Investors find a great deal on real estate, they need a trusted lender like ePrivate Lending to close their transaction promptly.

charles weatherman

“I have a passion for real estate and love building strong, lasting relationships. To serve and help like-minded people succeed is my greatest success!”

Charles Weatherman,

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